Dr. Susan Siklos

Registered Psychologist

Dr. Susan Siklos (“Dr. Susan”) is a Registered Psychologist who specializes in the assessment of learning, behavioural, social, and emotional concerns in children, adolescents, and young adults. She has extensive experience assessing children and youth for learning disabilities, giftedness, ADHD, and the impact of emotions (such as worries) on learning. Dr. Susan also has training in pediatric neuropsychology and can conduct in depth neuropsychological assessments to better understand complex brain-based/neurological disorders. Dr. Susan provides families and schools with practical and individualized recommendations based on the assessment findings.

Dr. Susan is very focused on the whole person when completing assessments. She sees her role as helping parents, schools, and the child/youth to better understand how multiple areas of functioning (including learning, attention, behavioural concerns, social issues, and emotional concerns, when relevant) may be impacting school, family life, social functioning, or self-esteem. Dr. Susan takes a strength-based approach to assessment; she enjoys working to discover a child or youth’s individual strengths that will help him/her to manage any areas of difficulty.

Dr. Susan also conducts complex assessments as part of the Complex Developmental and Behavioural Conditions (CDBC) network through Sunny Hill Health Centre. In addition, she is a Clinical Associate at the SFU Clinical Psychology Centre, where she supervises graduate students learning to conduct psychoeducational assessments.

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